Active Aligners Online Course

Become a Provider

There has never been a better time to be a Dental Professional

Thanks to modern technology, you could be anywhere in the world and become an Active Aligner provider. Our workflows are digital and easy to follow. We accept both digital STL files and PVS impressions. Our powerful in-lab CAD/CAM solutions allow us to accurately convert your impressions to digital 3D files for upload to the platform.

If you haven’t had any previous clear aligner experience or training, we recommend that you do our online course as it covers our digital workflows, tooth movement protocols through to prescribing Active Aligners to your patients. (Active Aligners online Accreditation Course)

Active Aligners Online Course
Active Aligners Online Course

New to Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligner therapy doesn’t have to be complicated, with this course Dr Luke Cronin and Dr Marc Sher take the complexity out of clear aligner therapy.

Join the fastest growing treatment that’s transforming dentistry with good margins for your practice.

3 Protocols in movement philosophy created by Dr Luke Cronin make it easier than ever to provide solid and predictable patient outcomes. Giving you the skills and confidence you’ll need to begin treating patients with Active Aligners.